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Dear Seanet Enthusiasts,

Good Morning from sunny Johor Baru.  As you can see we have been trying to get facilities for all Ham visitors to use their call signs for the month of November 2019 in Malaysia.  They have agreed in principle and want the people interested to register.  I have requested blanket approval for all Hams registered with the Seanet Convention.  Full registration includes payment except for those who have my approval and I paid on their behalf until they arrive.  

I would like everyone to register as we have to make the Seanet shirts and I cannot give an order for 150 T-Shirts as I have only 25 registered and many of the 25 have not sent registration payments. Shirts will only be given to those who register by 15th October  as I will have a month to get it done.  There will be a Lego Land tour and here again I need to know the numbers and please indicate if you are going.  Transport will be provided and hopefully I maybe able to pay the Entrance with this Shoestring budget of USD500, which includes stay and all dinners during the Seanet Convention. you will have to pay for the food in Legoland as there are many food outlets and choices. 

I will be giving regular updates on the Seanet Chat and on this page from time to time

The Ministry has allowed all HAMS from any Country to apply for a license that will be valid for November 2019.  So those visiting Malaysia can use 9M4SEA or 9M9SEA/HOMECALL while in Malaysia.  They need to make a prior application to request for this.  The fee is RM60/

The following documents are required along with the Application Form

1.  Copy of Applicant's Passport

2.  Copy of Applicant's Visa

3.  Copy of Amateur Radio License issued by Home Country (Translated in English)

4.  Letter of references by two members of MARTS or Class A Amateur Radio License holders as shown in Appendix A of the AA Form

5.  Statutory decleration form signed by the Justice of the Peace/Magistrate/A Commissioner of Oaths as shown in Appendix B of the AA form

6.  Application fee of RM60 per application via Cheque/Money Order/Postal Order made payable to "Suruhanjaya Komumikasi Dan Multimedia Malaysia"


Delegate fees


USD500 per person

Young Adults below 12 Years

USD250 per person

SEANET Contest:

Contest Participants:   If you did not receive a confirmation of receipt for your submitted log,  Please re-submit your log.